Eddy Maniez and Erwan Langlois at Golf Royal Mougins
Photo of Eddy Maniez with pearly pink cat


Plastic artist born in Grasse, in the Alpes-Maritimes, on the 6th of January 1969 

His eye sparkles with mischief and passion, and the innate taste of inEddy

Likes: Van Gogh, Seurat, Georges de la Tour, Nicolas de Stael, Soulage, Koons, Dubuffet, Klee, Kandinsky....and many more

Self-taught and guided by people and creative generosity, he is curious about everything. He loves to play with combinations, with reimagined and varied materials, in order to surprise both the eye and the touch


As soon as the first pieces went on sale, Erwan Langlois was enchanted by Eddy Maniez's animals and their spiky allure, and invested in pieces for his own home. He followed the artist, each time discovering original works and very regularly making new acquisitions, until the day their paths crossed

Together, they discussed their passion for the artist's works, then began to dream. They imagined majestic animals, with new colours and extraordinary appearances. With great ambitions, they then decided to leave their respective jobs, join forces, and embark on the Meel Arts adventure together

Eddy Maniez and Erwan Langlois with the Ferrari gorilla